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Make $100 An Hour with BnB

Live Demo 5-19-2016

Brush n Bake systems all feature 4 KEY components: A Graphtec CE6000 40 Cutter, Sierra's Hotfix Era Software for designing rhinestone templates, StickyFlock re-usable template material and Colman and Company hotfix rhinestones.

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Brush n Bake

Brush N' Bake Starter Kit

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Brush N' Bake Starter Kit & Heat Press

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Brush N' Bake Starter Kit - NoCutter

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Rhinestone T Shirts and Transfers



StickyFlock & Media

StickyFlock & Media

Brush n Bake Accessories

Brush n Bake Accessories

Watch the Live Online Demo of the Rhinestone Transfer System

In this live webinar we create Curious the rhinestone cat using design software, a cutting plotter and Crystalline Rhinestones. All with your Brush n Bake System.

How does the software work?
Watch this extended refresher training course.

How to Work with Bad Art

FAQs on making Bling T Shirts & more

Will the stones stick to something else besides t shirts?

- The HotFix Rhinestones in the Brush n Bake are designed for apparel. So this means t shirts, sweaters, hoodies, tote bags, jeans and more. As long as it is a textile material that can be put under a heat press, it should work. Saying that, this is the textile world, so you could run into something unique that doesn't work as well. In our experience this is very rare. We have helped put billions of rhinestones on apparel and they work on most everything.

We also have Rhinestone Hard Surface Material. Using this you can create rhinestone stickers, some of it even comes with the Brush n Bake System.

Do they wash well?

- Yes! That is one of the reasons we pride ourselves on our Crystalline rhinestones. A good quality stone is paramount for the long term success of your business. Our rhinestones are on apparel all over the world and we have customers who have shirts that have been washed dozens of times. Of course, this is apparel we are working with, so certain care must be taken. The same is true with any garment you buy, poor care = poor life of garment.

Do I need graphic design experience?

- No, since you are just placing circles for templates, you do not need to know many things that are normally involved in graphics. The software is easy to use and has many automated functions. Saying this, the more you practice, the better you will get. Working with rhinestones takes some creativity in learning how to re-create a logo or design in stones. It is very fun and if you enjoy doing it, you will continue to get better.

Can I re-use the templates I make?

- Yes, as long as you take care of them, you can re-use them to create hundred and hundreds of templates. If you use Backer Board to store you transfers, you will find they store and last very well.

Do rhinestuds work too?

- Absolutely, we often like making designs with both studs and stones! They look fantastic depending on the design colors you need for your customer.

How much does it cost in stones per shirt?

- Obviously this depends on the size of the design and color of the stone. However, we can use Curious the cat as an example. That design has just over 900 stones. This means that if you used a stone that cost $0.004 cents each stone (900 stones * $0.004), the design would be about $3.60.

How long does it take to pay for your Brush n Bake System?

- Check out this real world rhinestone t-shirt project right now.

I already own a different cutter. Can I use it for the Brush n Bake?

- Visit our compatibility test page to find out in minutes. It's that easy!

Learn how to make rhinestone stickers and decals

Fall and Winter Demo on the Brush n Bake