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Well Nuts Pack of 20 | WellNuts
Brand: Plasticade    Part #: WellNuts
Well Nuts Pack of 20
    Brand: Plasticade     Part #: WellNuts

    Well Nuts Pack of 20

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    20 Well Nuts with 20 Screws This mounting hardware is for properly attaching sign faces to the Signicade sign stands. This item is referred to as well-nuts. You can attach sign faces (ie: Coroplast, Aluminum, PVC, Etc) to the sign stand front and/or rear panels with standard wood screws but in time (and several sign changes) the screw holes will get enlarged and will no longer hold the screw. These well-nuts fixes that problem. You simply drill holes where needed to hold your sign. Slip the black piece through the hole (from the front side of the sign). Put your screw in from the front side and tighten the screw. This causes the insert to expand, like a molly in drywall/sheetrock, creating a secure hold. This allows the user to change sign faces quick and easily as often as desired. Using 4 units for each side of the Signicade is recommended. Download Instructions


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