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T Seal 11x17 Sheet | DFX-TSEAL
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: DFX-TSEAL
T Seal 11x17 Sheet
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: DFX-TSEAL

    T Seal 11x17 Sheet

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    T Seal is designed to give you the best longevity on your white toner prints by "locking toner into the fibers of the shirt."*

    Once you complete your transfer, simple press the T Seal over your transfer. The T Seal is used for the final post press of your transfer onto the garment or textile for extra durability. It can be used with any transfer paper or foil application. T Seal will seal and mold the image into the garment for improved wash durability claimed by many users.

    Used in place of a finishing sheet for the post press only. T Seal is REUSABLE from 350 up to 500 presses.

    Available in the size 11x17.


    • For best longevity of your T Seal sheet use at a temperature of 270F - 290F. Use above 300F will reduce the life of the T Seal. 

    * Increase longevity of prints is not guaranteed. Environmental conditions, art, print setting, materials, colors and textile brands can all effect the life of printed transfers. Many users are only interested in printing transfers with a T Seal sheet, others advise they don't see a discernible difference. We recommend a T Seal sheet as an added tool for your white toner printing and you should test and see if it is a preferred method for your process. 

    View Instructions for the T-Seal paper here. 

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