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Sublimation SG500 Essential Kit with Heat Press | SG500-Essential-Kit
Brand: Sawgrass    Part #: SG500-Essential-Kit
Sublimation SG500 Essential Kit with Heat Press
    Brand: Sawgrass     Part #: SG500-Essential-Kit

    Sublimation SG500 Essential Kit with Heat Press

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    Kick off your sublimation business with the SG500 Sublimation Essential Kit. This kit is designed to help you start a new decoration business or expand your current business. Create amazing full-color graphics, images, designs, and logos then apply them on t-shirts, mugs, coasters, phone cases, awards, apparel, tote bags, mouse pads, and more.

    The SG500 is compact, fitting comfortably on a countertop in your home shop or small kiosk. It's been updated from the inside out with improved energy efficiency, higher resolution printing, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

    This package contains:

    • Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 Printer (USB and Power cord included)
    • Sawgrass SubliJet-UHD inks (CMYK, one each)
    • Sawgrass CreativeStudio Design Software
    • Sawgrass Virtuoso Print Manager
    • Galaxy Heat Press 15x15 (HP-CC-15x15)
    • Galaxy Mug Heat Press (HP-MUG-PRO)
    • TexPrint R for Ricoh Sublimation Printers 8.5x14in - 110 Sheets (DT‑F‑120‑85‑14‑110)
    • (6) Vapor Apparel Short Sleeve Basic T-Shirt - Large (A1SJBBWH4)
    • Clear Heat Tape (FILM-HEATTAPE-72Y)
    • Finishing Sheets (DFX-FPAPER)
    • ColDesi Support and Training

    Get everything you need to start your business right out of the box.

    sublimation shirts and license plate

    With the SG500, you can depend on high quality prints, extreme durability, self-maintenance, and versatility.

    The backlit panel of the SG500 printer ensures perfect visibility, and you can easily use it with a Wi-Fi connection for added flexibility.

    High Quality Prints

    High-definition, stunningly vivid colors and resolution that can't be matched by other digital processes - these are just some of the features that make Sawgrass' SubliJet-UHD a top choice for professional photographers and digital artists who strive for excellence in every image.

    Self- Maintenance

    When you're not creating beautiful images, you don't have to worry about your printer getting clogged. Enjoy reliable performance even after a long period of inactivity thanks to Sawgrass' self-cleaning mode.


    Finished products have NO hand and won't crack or peel over time, regardless of how many washes your garment has been through.


    This versatile solution can be used to decorate a range of blanks and substrates, such as metal, ceramic, glass, FRP plastic, poly-performance fabrics, hardboard, and more. It is also compatible with 100% white polyester fabric.

    Sawgrass CreativeStudio

    The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 printer comes with a free license to CreativeStudio, the only design tool built specifically for sublimation. CreativeStudio takes the frustration out of creation by including built-in product templates, thousands of ready-to-use designs, and seamless integration with your Sawgrass SG500 printer. An individual account is included with every Sawgrass printer purchase, and a premium membership is available for unlimited access to additional features and artwork.

    Sawgrass Print Manager

    Because different materials and papers affect the way colors appear on sublimated items it's important to adjust the ink output to ensure optimal quality. Sawgrass Print Manager is a software utility that automatically makes those adjustments for you. Print Manager works in the background, managing the flow of color information from your digital artwork to your Sawgrass printer. This reduces wasted ink (saving you money) and ensures the colors on your finished products are as accurate and vibrant as possible.

    SubliJet UHD Ink

    Sawgrass flagship sublimation ink is now better than ever, delivering richer, more vibrant color on both hard and soft substrates, including heat transfer vinyl.

    Backwards Compatibility

    The SG500 is backward-compatible with SG400 accessories, so if you already own a bypass tray for the SG400, you will be able to continue using it. This allows you to print on media up to 51' long

    SG500 features more energy-efficiency, prints with higher resolution, and offers WiFi connectivity. Printer also includes 4880x1200 dpi resolution, next-generation processor, self-maintenance mode, and Modulated Dot Technology for optimal image output.

    Usually ships within 3-5 days.

    sublimated key fobs and headbands
    sublimated tee shirts
    mug heat press

    How do you sublimate a t-shirt?

    1. Choose your design
    2. Place your transfer on your t-shirt
    3. Add a finishing sheet on top
    4. Press!

    System Requirements to run Sawgrass Print Manager

    • Windows Operating System (a 64-bit operating system is required)
    • Recommended: Windows 10
    • Minimum Required: Windows 8
    • Apple OSX / MacOS Operating System (a 64-bit operating system is required)
    • MacOS 10.13 - 10.15
    • Minimum RAM: 4GB
    • Recommended RAM: >8GB
    • Minimum CPU: Dual Core CPU
    • Recommended CPU: Quad Core or greater
    • Minimum Free HDD Space: 10% Free
    • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024x768 pixels at 100% zoom

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