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Roland BN-20 1 Year Extended Warranty | RO-BN-20-EW-1YR
Part #: RO-BN-20-EW-1YR
Roland BN-20 1 Year Extended Warranty
    Part #: RO-BN-20-EW-1YR

    Roland BN-20 1 Year Extended Warranty

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    Roland BN-20 1 Year Extended Warranty. Valid for Years 2, 3, 4 and 5. Protect your Roland BN-20 from unexpected repairs for only $2.33 a day.

    Your Roland BN-20 comes with a 1 year warranty out of the box. You can purchase an additional year, up to 5 years total from the purchase date. Your extended warranty begins when your existing warranty expires. This is the purchase of 1 (one) additional year of warranty. 

    Coverage: Each additional one-year contract period provides you with full-coverage for all parts, labor and travel (up to 200 miles each way) for a Roland DG Authorized Technician if any covered repair is required.

    Your BN-20 will be repaired on-site by Roland DGA Care Onsite Services!

    Repair and maintenance made necessary by the use of any ink that is not expressly certified and approved by Roland DGA Corporation is not covered by the Roland Manufacturer Warranty or the Roland DGA Protection Plus Service Contract.

    Typical Labor, Travel & Parts when not covered under warranty:
    • Print Heads [value of $895 - $2,400/ea.]
    • Boards [value of $1,521 - $2,628/ea.]
    • Pumps [value of $73 - $99ea.]
    • Motors [value of $288 - $840/ea.]
    • Damper [value of $28 - $44.40/ea.]
    • Cartridge Holder [value of $136.50/ea.]
    • Power Unit [value of $387.50 - $630/ea.]
    • VS/XR/XF model Cap Top [value of $77.10]

    All repairs are done at your location and cannot be shipped for service.

    Must be renewed while warranty active or at time of sale. 

    Items not covered under this warranty program are consumable parts which include cap tops, sponges, filters, wiper scraper, cutting protection strips, pinch rollers, blades (sheet cut and standard), blade holder, ink, cleaning solutions and media.

    What if you don't know the exact date of your warranty expiration?
    Live chat or call our team and we can help you out. If you purchased from ColDesi, we can look up your purchase date for you. Otherwise you can use the initial purchase date from your invoice. If you have previously purchases extended warrenties, you can use the date from that last warranty purchase date.


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