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Hotronix Fusion Heat Press Professional Package | Fusion-Package-HP1
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: Fusion-Package-HP1
Hotronix Fusion Heat Press Professional Package
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: Fusion-Package-HP1

    Hotronix Fusion Heat Press Professional Package

    Price as low as
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    This Hotronix Fusion package was put together using our years of experience in the custom apparel industry to help YOU succeed.

    Whats in the package? 
    • 1 x Hotronix Fusion-IQ Heat Press
    • 1 x Hotronix LOWER PLATEN COVER 11X15
    • 1 x Flexible Finishing Sheet 18X22
    • 1 x Hotronix PLATEN 11X15
    • 1 x Hotronix LOWER PLATEN COVER 16X20
    • 1 x DigitalHeat FX Finishing Sheets 50ct
    • 1 x Hotronix PLATEN SleeveLeg
    • 1 x Heat Press Test Kit

    So what is great about this bundle?
    • You will save around $200, so that's awesome.
    • The FUSION - this is an amazing heat press, the best.
    • Additional platens 11 x 15 & Sleeve/Leg - We consider these two "must haves" for apparel decorators.
    • All 3 platens come with wraps. These help garments slide on and off with ease. (aka faster production)
    • Flexible Finishing Sheet - helps prevent scorching, heat press lines, last a LONG time, just a great accessor.y
    • Finishing paper - some items may require the use a paper rather than a silicon finishing sheet, you get 50 of them.
    • Heat Press Test kit - great way to test your press down the road if you want to calibrate or have peace of mind.
    We surveyed experts, talked to our team, consulted with Hotronix and put together this package we can officially call a "Professional Package," it's perfect for the custom apparel pro.

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