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Geo Knight 394 Series 20"x25" Shuttle Heat Press | 394-MTS
Brand: Geo Knight    Part #: 394-MTS
Geo Knight 394 Series 20"x25" Shuttle Heat Press
    Brand: Geo Knight     Part #: 394-MTS

    Geo Knight 394 Series 20"x25" Shuttle Heat Press

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    Bottom heat platens are ideal for double-sided products such as car flags, bag tags, holiday ornaments, lanyard badges, etc. Because each platen utilizes fully independent digital control boxes and Geo Knight® SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology, the presses can be easily adjusted to also provide traditional top-only heat or bottom-only heat when needed.

    The shuttle presses offer a two-station configuration where the operator may load and unload one table while the other is under the heat platen. When the heat platen finishes pressing one of the tables, the other is shuttled under the heater block. This allows for optimal use of the heater block, with minimal time wasted while there is no product being pressed.

    The 394 is an extremely high pressured heat transfer press designed to provide the consistent, reliable force and uniform temperature distribution necessary for even the most demanding production requirements. It is available in two different heater block sizes: 16" x 20" and an oversized 20" x 25".

    The most advanced machine in the industry for standard-sized transfer applications, the 394 Factory Shuttle press offers a twin station loading assembly. This dual sliding table configuration allows the operator to unload a finished garment/imprinted item and load the next piece while the material on the other table is being pressed. Thus, production capacities are doubled even beyond the transfer printing speed provided by the fully automatic operation of the timer, temperature and pressure controls.

    Mouse Pad Press To meet the massive demand for high production Mouse Pad imprinting, the 394-MPT was developed with a special registration system for material placement and transfer registration. Crosshair locating bars are machined on the lower platens for perfect and fast placement of mouse pads or other items. Plunger pins in the corners of the lower platens allow for perfect alignment of the transfers over the mouse pads. The pins hold the transfer in place to guarantee an ideal line up every time with fast and easy setup of the materials. For heat transferring 4-up or 6-up mouse pads, wrist pads, coasters or other related items, the 394-MPT is the ideal high production heat press machinery solution... proven by countless industry manufacturers of items such as those mentioned above.

    Control Panel

    • Fully programmable digital microprocessor controls.
    • Digital temperature control with current & set-point temperature indication.
    • Countdown digital timer directly initiates auto-platen release.
    • Extremely accurate pressure gauge and control.
    • Thermal control alarm for consistent pressing.
    • Operator lockout feature for tamper proof settings.
    • Open access emergency release buttons.


    • Twin shuttle dual workstations for fast, high speed production by a single operator.
    • 12,000 lbs max force.
    • Heat platen, wiring, and all controls are mounted on a solid stationary four-post channel frame support to insure minimal maintenance.
    • Smooth roller bearing slide rail with 3/8" aluminum tables: independent surrounding drape tray for garment overhang.
    • Permanent mounting on casters for easy loading, unloading and in house movement.
    • Built-in safety alarm and circuit protection OSHA approved dual safety operation controls.
    • Comes with easy to read grid tables for accurate job set up and registration.
    • Machine provides ability to apply a variety of special effects decorating as well, such as multimedia foiling, sublimation, hot-split transfer, color copier imaging, and deep embossing.
    • Custom sized & shaped bottom table castings available for specific layout requirements.
    • Full one year warranty on machine.

    Specifications & Pricing

    394-TS 16" x 20" $6,240.00
    Twin Shuttle Press
    Weight: 700 Lbs
    Electrical: 3600 Watts / 17 Amps / 220 Volts
    Dimensions: 48" D x 34" W x 54" H
    DKA-DK20SBHT Bottom Heat & Control 16" X 20" Option: $3300.00 ($1650.00 x 2)

    394-MTS 20" x 25" $7,483.20
    Twin Shuttle Press
    Weight: 750 Lbs
    Electrical: 6000 Watts / 30 Amps / 220 Volts
    Dimensions: 48" D x 34" W x 54" H
    DKA-DK25SBHT Bottom Heat & Control 20" X 25" Option: $3900.00 ($1950.00 x 2)

    At the heart of these machines is a state-of-the-art digital microprocessor control and proprietary heat control circuit field tested beyond 10 million heating cycles. This allows for an unprecedented 3 year warranty on the control.

    The Digital Knight controller features an oversized LCD display for easy reading of time, temperature, and pressure/height gauge readings.

    The controller has a surprising array of extremely useful features such as:

    • Automatic Digital Timer and second Prepress Timer
    • Digital Pressure Bar Graph (included on T-Shirt models)
    • User programmable presets
    • # of Pressure Cycles Recording
    • Selectable Alarms
    • Fahrenheit/Celsius temp display
    • Pressure/Height gauge readout
    • Open/Timing/Done indicators
    • Ready/Heating indicators
    • Timer counts Mins/Secs OR Hours/Mins
    • Temperature drop-sense alarm

    Overall, the extremely accurate control and intuitively easy to use interface makes for a reject-free production environment.

    The heaters on all platens of the Digital Knight line use an exclusive coil winding technology for dramatically superior evenness and speed of heating. Compared to traditional heating methods, the Geo Knight & Co. SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology out-performs everything else. Of course, all Geo Knight & Co. heat platens are lifetime warranted.

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