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As of the time of this chart, EOv11 runs on XP, Vista, Win7 & Win8, either 32 or 64 bits

While most computers available for sale today meet or exceed the hardware requirements for EO v11, the simplified chart below was created with the intention to concentrate mainly in the 3 areas where hardware will greatly affect the performance of your EO software: processor, memory and video.

SIERRA recommends INTEL PENTIUM processors and NVIDIA video cards 1

 EO v11





 Intel P4; 2.8 GHz 2

 Core 2 Duo; 3.2 GHz 3

 Intel I7 quad core 4






 256 MB Video Card

 512 MB Video Card

 1 GB Video Card 5


 17″; 1024×768

19″; 1440×900

 24″; 1920×1080 6

1 During testing, NVIDIA video cards have consistently shown a better reaction to the OpenGL graphics engine than ATIcards, which makes them a more desirable choice.  nVidia models tested: GeForce 8500GT, GeForce 8400GS, GeForce 6200, GeForce 8700M GT, GeForce4 MX440, GeForce GT620.  ATI Radeon models tested: 9550, HD3600, HD4670, HD5670.

2 Or equivalent in Duo technology (Intel 7300 Series).

3 Or equivalent Intel processors (I3, I5).

4 Tested on Intel I7 2nd gen 2600K quad core processor.

5 Tested on NVidia 1 GB 460GTX OC dedicated graphics card.

6 Tested on 24″ Asus LCD 1080P monitor.

7 “BEST” configuration was provided by Sierra, and it includes other components worth mentioning, such as 120gb OCZ Sata3 solid state hard drive and 150gb Western Digital Raptor 10,000rpm data storage drive on a 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium system.


Other considerations

  • USB Ports: make sure you have plenty of USB ports to accommodate your security device and other USB peripherals (printer, flash drives, external floppy drive, etc).
  • Still on floppies? You may also need a Floppy Disk Drive to transfer your designs to your embroidery machine, in which case we recommend an External USB Floppy Drive.
  • Direct Connect? If your embroidery machine requires a serial port connection from the computer, make sure you have an RS232 serial port installed on your computer.  Please note serial cards and/or USB to serial adapters have not been successfully tested in all scenarios.




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