Opaque Material (2 Step Process)

Application Instructions

1) Print your heat transfer using our “TransferJet”, “Premium” or “PremiumPlus” transfer papers.
(see below instructions for the “High Temp Laser” paper).

2) Place your printed heat transfer over the opaque material, image side down, on top of the fabric surface side.

3) With a heat press apply approximately 370°F for about 3-5 seconds but do not peel the heat transfer sheet yet!

4) Trim out the un-printed area of the combined papers. Leave approximately 1/8” of an inch around the image.

Production Tip: It is not practical to weed out the image. (ie: cutting around letters, objects, etc). This would be very difficult and time consuming to do and the material will fray. We recommend adding a background color or border to your image so your designs becomes square, rectangular or a triangle and therefore lends itself to cutting straight lines using a straight edge and a razor.

5) Peel off the backing paper from the opaque material and place (sticking side down) over the garment. Press the combined paper for 5-8 seconds at moderate pressure at approximately 370°F. After pressing peel off the top heat transfer sheet immediately. Try to peel paper straight back so that the garment does not lift.

“High Temp Laser” Heat Transfer Paper with Opaque Material:

NOTE: This Opaque Material will work with the “High Temp Laser” paper however, it must be applied as follows:
1) For best results print the “High Temp Laser” paper as described above.
2) Set heat press at 400F.
3) Set pressure on heat press, to close firmly.
3) Apply the “High Temp Laser” paper to the Opaque material for no more than 3 seconds with a heat press.
5) Trim image as described above in the Production Tips section.
6) Peel off backing paper of Opaque Material and place the (combined) transfer over garment.
7) Press for approximately 5-10 seconds and peel the top transfer paper immediately.

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