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ColDesi UV 24H3R | UV-24H3R
Brand: ColDesi    Part #: UV-24H3R
ColDesi UV 24H3R
    Brand: ColDesi     Part #: UV-24H3R

    ColDesi UV 24H3R

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    Step into the cutting-edge printing era with the New ColDesi 24H3R UV/DTF Printer.

    This advanced printer is reshaping the landscape of customization, effortlessly accommodating even the most complex surfaces. Boasting unparalleled accuracy and remarkable flexibility, the 24H3R stands as a game-changer in the world of customization printing. 

    • Roll-fed UV Printer 
    • Prints UV Direct to Film Adhesive Transfers 
    • Full-Color Digital Prints 
    • White, color, clear, and lamination in one printer 
    • Over 16 linear feet per hour at 22.5 inches wide 
    • Easy maintenance 

    • One step to Print all colors 
    • No weeding or masking 
    • Transfer to uneven surfaces 
    • Versatile & strong adhesion 
    • Transfer to uneven, cylindrical, or conical surfaces 
    • Extremely durable 
    • Instant curing and lamination

    How does the UV Direct to Film Printer work? 

    Harness the power of this printing technology to craft adhesive transfers suitable for a wide array of surfaces, encompassing metal, wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, and beyond. The resulting adhesion and durability of these transfers are truly exceptional, yielding intricate detailing and longevity that surpasses expectations. 

    The 24H3R printer is equipped with three print heads that work together to print all the colors onto the film as it moves through the printer. This means it can print CMYK, White, and Clear all at once. This is a big time-saver compared to older methods that print one color at a time. 

    After the ink is printed on the film, it's quickly dried using a UV lamp. This gets rid of the waiting time usually needed for the ink to dry in transfer printing. 

    Finally, the transfer is automatically coated with the lamination layer to finish the process, making it ready to be used or sold. This step completes the transfer so it can be rolled up again. 


    The ColDesi 24H3R UV DTF Printer: 

    1. Superior Adhesion Power: Wave goodbye to worries about transfers sticking properly with the 24H3R. This modern UV/DTF printer brings better adhesion power than any technology before it, making sure your designs stay put and look great on all sorts of surfaces. 

    2. Uneven Surfaces: The 24H3R expands your creative horizons by letting you print and decorate surfaces that aren't perfectly flat. Unlike flatbed UV printers that struggle with gaps between the printhead and the surface, the 24H3R can print accurately on odd shapes and different textures.

    3. Durability: When we talk about how long things last, the ColDesi 24H3R stands out. Compared to transfers made from vinyl or paper, the sticky designs this printer makes are stronger and stay good-looking for a really long time. This means your designs will stay awesome even as time goes on. 

    4. Streamlined: The 24H3R gets rid of the extra steps you usually have to do in old-fashioned methods like printing and then cutting. With this printer, you can make your work easier and save time and energy while still creating high-quality transfers. 

    5. NO Manual Processes: Methods like screen printing or vinyl cutting need you to do many steps using different machines. But with the 24H3R, you can forget about things like lining up marks, cleaning special areas, dealing with big amounts of waste, and more. 

    6. Unparalleled Support: Opting for the ColDesi 24H3R means you're tapping into the wisdom and know-how of a company deeply rooted in the customization field since 1978. ColDesi has been a pioneer in introducing and helping new printing technologies, like DTG printing, UV printing, direct-to-film, and white toner printing. Their skilled team of technicians and trainers knows exactly what printing businesses require, owing to their extensive experience and commitment. Count on ColDesi for top-notch assistance and advice every step of your printing adventure.

    7. Success-Driven: ColDesi's main aim is to make sure you succeed. They know how challenging it can be to learn new technology, and they're dedicated to making the process of adding the ColDesi 24H3R to your business as smooth as possible. Through their thorough training and continuous help, you'll be able to provide a finished product that stands out from what others offer with confidence. 

    8. Expanded Offerings: Incorporating the ColDesi 24H3R into your business opens up new ways to generate income and broadens your product lineup. With the capability to print on various surfaces and materials, you can meet the diverse needs and preferences of a wider range of customers. Setting yourself apart from competitors is easily achievable by offering truly unique products.  

    Choosing to work with ColDesi means teaming up with the foremost experts in the printing industry. Our team consistently remains at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring we provide you with the best equipment available. The most logical next step is to engage with our printing experts to discover how the innovative ColDesi UV 24H3R can elevate your business to new heights. 


    Training: – Equipment, Software & Maintenance 

    Support: – Phone Email & Video 

    Speed: Prints 30 square feet / hr 

    Dimensions: 63" x 35.5" x 51.25" 

    Applications: Wood, Metal, Plastic, Ceramic & much more 

    Warranty: 1-year parts and labor – 6-month print head 

    • Model Type  - 24H3R 
    • Print Head - 3 x TX800 
    • Speed - 30 square ft per hour 
    • Color Control - ICC color profile with adjust function 
    • Print Width - Max 600mm 
    • Ink - UV 
    • Operation Environment - Temperature 77°C~82°F, Humidity 50%-70%  
    • Power - 50HZ/60HZ 220V 10A 
    • Applicable Materials - Plastic, Glass, Ceramic, Paper, Metal, Wood, Vinyl etc. 
    • Machine Size  - 1600 X 900 X 1300mm(LXWXH)  - 63” x 35.5” x 51.25” 
    • Printer Weight  - Net Weight: 397 lbs 

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