PatchTwill Material

Patch Twill is another choice for making smaller runs of patches or badges without needing to source them out. No need for a minimum of #100 patches anymore, simply do the job yourself without any expensive equipment like a "merrowing" machine. This applique material is made of 100% polyester and offers the tried-and-true look of your atypical patch. Yet using our material saves you the time, effort and cost of stitching the background yourself. Patch Twill should be used along with the Heat Seal Roll and cut out with our Hot Knife. A finished patch will have a sealed edge and can then be ironed or sewn on to the finished garment - customers choice! The Patch Twill applique material also has an adhesive backing that aids in securing the patch to the heat seal material. Take note that our HeatSeal glue can melt through this material if you apply too much pressure or too much time under the heat press. Cut the heat press down to its lowest pressure setting and keep the dwell time at 6-7 seconds for the patch back-side pressing. Use 15-20 seconds for the final pressing. Comes in 35 different colors and is sold by the yard. Learn how to sew a patch directly on a cap using your embroidery machine! Click Here
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