Silicon Release Paper - 16" x 20" - 50ct
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Silicon Release Paper - 16" x 20" - 50ct
    Silicon Release Paper - 16

    Silicon Release Paper - 16" x 20" - 50ct

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    The DTG Release Paper is the perfect paper to use for heat curing the White Pretreatment for use with your digital garment printer.
    It can also finish your print as well, taking place of the teflon sheet if needed.

    A much better alternative to parchment paper. Parchment costs about 30 cents per sheet and it can be used 1-3x before tossing it out. DTG Release Paper costs 80 cents per sheet, yet it can be used 40-60x, conservatively, before you toss it out.*
    You would need to buy $300 worth of parchment paper to get the same number of presses from one bundle of DTGRPAPER.

    Comes in pre-cut sheets of 16" X 20", packed in bundles of #50 pieces.

    * The DTGRPAPER will 'brown-up' while being used repeatedly, yet showed no negative performance with the 'browning'. However, when the browning begins to shade a light colored shirt, use this piece for darker shirts only.


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    Great Product
    Great product - many sheets come in this package. I recommend for DTG Printing.
    Michael Field
    Good value!
    And we love the finish it gives our DTG prints!
    Stacy Sesler
    Release Paper
    It does what it is supposed to which is protect the heat press and the print. It does leave a shine on the print. Unlike parchment paper which does not.
    Neal Faircloth
    Silicon release paper
    This is worth the money. When your so busy pressing shirts that you do not have the time to clean your Teflon sheet. You will find these very handy. You will remember me when you run into the situation you have to stop and clean your teflon sheet. You will say "I should have bought those sheets David recommended!"
    David Arana