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DTF Film 60cm x 100M I - Series | DTF-Film-24
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: DTF-Film-24
DTF Film 60cm x 100M I - Series
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: DTF-Film-24

    DTF Film 60cm x 100M I - Series

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    DTF Film 60cm x 100M for the DigitalHeat FX DTF 24H2 printer. 

    This DTF film is designed to be a hot peel, making it great for production runs. 

    Note: This is an "I" series film. 
    Instructions for the DTF "I" Series Film. Please refer to your DTF training modules for in depth instructions. 

    Time: 10 seconds / 5 seconds 
    Temperature: 300 degrees Fahrenheit 
    Pressure: 7 / Firm Pressure

    1. Design will be printed as a mirror image with white ink on surface.
    2. Place garment on heat press and direct to film transfer onto garment with image (right reading) facing up.
    3. Press with firm pressure at 300°F for 10 seconds.
    4. Perform a hot from garment.
    5. Place garment on heat press, cover with standard or Teflon finishung sheet and press for 5 seconds.


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