Hotronix AUTO CLAM Heat Press - 16X16
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Part #: HX-STX16
Hotronix AUTO CLAM Heat Press - 16X16
    Hotronix AUTO CLAM Heat Press - 16X16
    Part #: HX-STX16

    Hotronix AUTO CLAM Heat Press - 16X16

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    Hotronix Auto Clam Heat Press 16" x 16"

    - Patented magnetic auto-open feature prevents over-application
    - Easy-to read digital time, temperature, and pressure display for consistent printing
    - Locks down easily with patented magnetic assist, causing less fatigue on wrists and shoulders
    - Twin Timer™ allows user to pre-set individual time settings for two-step application or for pre-heating and application
    - Wide opening for easy layout
    - Space-saving clam-shell design
    - Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment for even, edge-to-edge heat and pressure regardless of the substrate thickness

    Learn how to make your Auto Open Clam heat press up to 40% more efficient with the Heat Press Caddie.

    Heating Element – Lifetime
    Framework – 5 years
    Circuit Board – 2 years
    Parts & Labor – 1 year

    Universal Features:
    Made in the USA
    Cast-in tubular heating
    Powder coated finish
    Actual weight: 62-90 lbs.

    Optional Platens:
    7″ round
    6″ x 10″
    8″ x 10″
    11″ x 15″

    Additional Information

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