Hotronix Laser Alignment System
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Part #: HX-LaserAlignSystem
Hotronix Laser Alignment System
    Hotronix Laser Alignment System
    Part #: HX-LaserAlignSystem

    Hotronix Laser Alignment System

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    Heat Press Laser Alignment System

    Precise placement when decorating apparel.

    The Laser alignment system is designed to increase efficiency when decorating apparel. Use the 4 lasers to show exactly where the logo or design needs to be placed. Set up is easy with the Layout Alignment Wizardô. Turn on the lasers, place the wizard on the lower platen and manually adjust the lasers to match the lines. Perfect placement every time.

    • - 4 individual lasers are flexible and can be aligned manually.
    • - Compatible with any heat press, including Hotronix or MAXX.
    • - Layout Alignment Wizard is included.
    • - 6 Ft. electrical cord with A/C adaptor is included.
    • - Requires 18-inch table space.

    **Heat Press Not Included - Displayed for example only**


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    Another Hotronix WIN
    I have a Hover press, a Fusion press and now this. Everything they sell is a winner in my humble opinion. I have ordered cheap heat presses in the past and always regretted it. This alignment system is my favorite product of theirs.
    Boe H
    Very cool
    Terminator hand from the future. This laser is so cool.
    Not perfect but great
    If I were to ask them to improve anything, I would ask to make the laser alignment movable without the little knobs to turn. Having said that, this is the best thing on the market I have seen. There isn't another tool out there i can train someone to use in 5-10 minutes and walk away. Every time I had someone help me with transfers, it was a mess. This tool allows me to set it up and walk away. It's a great investment for the $
    Gregory T.