Heat Press Lower Pad Prep Kit
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Part #: HP-LowerPad-PrepKit
Heat Press Lower Pad Prep Kit
    Heat Press Lower Pad Prep Kit
    Part #: HP-LowerPad-PrepKit

    Heat Press Lower Pad Prep Kit

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    All of the tools you need to remove and replace the lower silicone pad from your heat press.
    1 qty  Glue Scraper Tool
    1 qty  Notched Spreader Tool
    1 qty  High-Temp Silicone Glue

    Please read in full before starting this process, there is a time commitment.

    Instructions for removal of the old, worn-out/damaged lower pad:
    -  Make sure heat press is unplugged and cool to the touch.
    -  Start peeling off the lower pad wherever you can. 
    -  When possible, use the Glue Scraper Tool to remove all pad material and existing glue.
    -  Scrape the platen until clean.

    Instructions for replacement of the new, awesome lower pad*:
    -  Test fit the replacement pad to know exactly where it should be placed. Remove the pad and set aside.
    -  Open High-Temp Silicone Glue, squeeze a line of glue in an open-loop pattern all across platen.
    -  Use Notched Spreader Tool, 1/16" notch, to knock down the glue and spread evenly all over the platen.
    -  The goal here is to have evenly spread glue with a uniform thickness.    
    -  Clean off the Notch Spreader Tool with paper towels and discard towels - but keep the tool.
    -  Align replacement pad and hand-press into place taking care to not move it out of position.
    -  Set your heat press to very low pressure and close the press.
    -  Some presses can stayed locked in the down position, while others cannot, use the pressure of the upper platen, if you can.
    -  Keep the heat press locked downward for one hour, if possible, though not critical.
    -  Wipe off any excess glue that squeezes out.
    Allow the press to dry for 24 hours before placing it back into operation.

    * Our replacement 16X20 Heat Press Lower Platen Pad: https://colmanandcompany.com/HP-LPP-RED-16X20.html


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