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Teflon Flat Sheet 17X21 | FLAT-TEFLON-1721
Brand: Hotronix    Part #: FLAT-TEFLON-1721
Teflon Flat Sheet 17X21
    Brand: Hotronix     Part #: FLAT-TEFLON-1721

    Teflon Flat Sheet 17X21

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    Flat Teflon Sheets are a must have for anyone using a heat press on a regular basis. These 17" X 21" sheets protect your garments from the heat of the press and add a great finish for DTG shirts.

    PS - Can also be utilized in every other possible non-stick, protect-from-the-heat-press use you can think of. Eg: rhinestones, vinyl, spangles, patches, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc, etc.

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