Embroidery Grip - Ear Set 15.5in
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Part #: EMB-GRIP-EARS-155
Embroidery Grip - Ear Set 15.5in
    Embroidery Grip - Ear Set 15.5in
    Part #: EMB-GRIP-EARS-155

    Embroidery Grip - Ear Set 15.5in

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    Extend GRIP to 15.5in



    This product is a pair of metal GRIP-EARS only.  You will receive both the left and right side.

    These GRIP-EARS allow for the extension of our Embroidery Grip / Universal Clamping System to become 15.5in wide.
    The Embroidery Grip / Universal Clamping System product comes standard with the ears that offer a 14in wide hooping space.
    These GRIP-EARS do not widen the usable space of the GRIP Clamping System, they simply allow for attachment to a 15.5in hooping space.   

    This product should be purchased in addition to the Embroidery Grip / Universal Clamping System if you own an embroidery machine that offers the 15.5in hooping space

    These GRIP-EARS can connect to the following brands of machines, and should ONLY be purchased if the 15.5in spacing is required:

    • Avancé
    • GS1501
    • Tajima
    • Toyota
    • SWF
    • Ricoma
    • Inbro
    • Brother (15-needle)
    • Renaissance
    • Redline
    • Highland
    Can also be used with Avancé 4-Head and 6-Head machines with 15.5" hoop spacing.

    IMPORTANT: As with ALL hoops, frames, and clamping devices, PLEASE be careful before placing the Colman Embroidery Grip into operation. Damage can occur if precautions are not followed. If Gripping a heavy item, support the item just as you would when using your typical machine hoop.

    One year warranty against manufacturers defects.


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