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Non Textile Post-Treatment 10.5oz | DTGNONTEXPOST
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: DTGNONTEXPOST
Non Textile Post-Treatment 10.5oz
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: DTGNONTEXPOST

    Non Textile Post-Treatment 10.5oz

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    The DTG Non Textile Post-Treatment provides a durable, protective finish to all of your non-textile items printed with the DTG inkjet printer. This protective coating ensures waterproofing, colorfastness, and longer life of your completed artwork design. Hard goods made of wood, metal, brass, stone, acrylic, tile and ceramics as well as other hard goods can benefit from this spray. This product needs to be used in conjunction with the DTG Non Textile Pre-Treatment.

    The DTG NON TEX POST products have been proven successful using our Genuine DTG Inks. The DTG NON TEX POST were NOT configured for use with the P30i Inks. Using our NON TEX POST with P30i inks may not be successful. We do, however, encourage testing of inks at your own risk.

    * Can only be shipped via UPS Ground / Flammable product


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