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DTG Scorch Prevention Sheets 10ct | DTG-ScorchPrevent
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: DTG-ScorchPrevent
DTG Scorch Prevention Sheets 10ct
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: DTG-ScorchPrevent

    DTG Scorch Prevention Sheets 10ct

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    Our DTG Scorch Prevention Sheets are sheets of medium weight polyester material used to help prevent scorching in Direct-to-Garment printing. Specifically on light colored garments when curing or pretreating can leave stains or scorches.

    Our team has worked with DTG technicians and trainers to help optimize your Direct-to-Garment prints. One common issue is "scorching" or "staining" on light colored garments. Mostly on white or very light colors. These sheets have proven time and time again to help prevent this issue. They are not a magic cure, as some garments are more likely to scorch than others, but we have found these sheets to significantly improve or completely remove scorching on many test prints.

    Product contains a ten(10) count pack of 18" X 22" sheets.

    Order of how to use:
    1. Place shirt on heat press platen as usual.
    2. Release paper/teflon sheet over print.
    3. Scorch sheet on top of release paper.
    4. Close heat press and cure according to normal specs.

    Be sure to test this on a garment to be sure it works with your time/temp/ink and specific t-shirt. Results may vary depending on the garment.

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