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ImageArmor Ultra Shirt Formula - 1 Gallon | DTG-IAUD-001G
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: DTG-IAUD-001G
ImageArmor Ultra Shirt Formula - 1 Gallon
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: DTG-IAUD-001G

    ImageArmor Ultra Shirt Formula - 1 Gallon

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    The latest addition to the Image Armor line of pretreatments is the new ULTRA formula. ULTRA allows for the faster setting or gelling of white DTG ink sets that are different than the standard Dupont inks. The new ULTRA opens new doors for direct to garment printers who have Brother® or Epson® printers and ink sets.

    The following information has been provided by the manufacturer:
    When applying pretreatment to the garment, make sure to apply it as evenly as possible (mechanical pretreatment machines are the best).
    Depending on the shirt being pretreated there are some variables to consider on how much to apply.
    A good starting point is 15-18 grams per 14″x14″ area.

    18-26 grams may provide you with better washability and white optical brightness. Test to find your best laydown for the garment you are pretreating. Application amounts will vary based on the weight and quality of the garment being printed.
    The heaver the garment, the higher the amount of pretreatment needed.
    The darker the color, the more pretreatment is required.
    The lighter the weight of the shirt, you can usually reduce the amount of fluid applied to the garment.

    *Please note that Image Armor Pretreats are not manufactured by Colman and Company, nor our ink manufacturers. We always recommend the pretreats manufactured by us, as we can control quality and batches. We have had requests for Image Armor Pretreats and are happy to offer the product. Customer feedback has yielded enough success that we can say Image Armor produces quality products. Colman and Company does not make any claims that these pretreats will out-perform others on the market. Claims, instructions and product care are provided by Image Armor and are located on the bottles.

    Not for use with the DTG G4

    Shelf Life: 6 months


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