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Forever Laser Dark 11X17 (50ct A&B) | DFXLP-018-50AB
Brand: Forever    Part #: DFXLP-018-50AB
Forever Laser Dark 11X17 (50ct A&B)
    Brand: Forever     Part #: DFXLP-018-50AB

    Forever Laser Dark 11X17 (50ct A&B)

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    50 pack of both A&B FOREVER brand laser dark transfer paper

    Paper designed for use with LED transfer printers like the OKI8432wt, OKI920wt, OKI9541wt and i650. Transfers for CMYK+W print systems.

    FOREVER LASER DARK is known to be a self-weeding system where you print on an “A FOIL” and adhere a “B Polymer” to this print with a heat press.

    This paper will work on cotton, polyester and blended textiles. Simple follow these instructions with your OKI printer and create vibrant designs with your CMYK+W printer


    Features FOREVER LASER DARK white toner transfer paper

    • Transparent print media - great for positioning on apparel
    • Heat Press onto apparel from 300°F-320°F
    • Suitable for OKI White Toner and CMYK Printers


    What are other paper options?

    Our most popular paper is the line of EZ Peel. This is available as :

    EZ Peel - Most popular 2-Step Paper for the DigitalHeat FX System

    EZ Peel OneStep - A single step solution for light garments.

    EZ Peel Hard Surface – Designed for the DigitalHeat FX OKI 8432, 9541 and i650 systems, perfect for hard surfaced like wood, metal, glass, etc

    EZ Peel 550 – This is designed for the DigitalHeat FX i550 – the most cost effective entry into the transfer business.

    How does this white toner transfer paper work?

    The B sheet has a special polymer that is coated on it. When your OKI prints CMYK and WHITE toner on the A sheet, the polymer will only adhere to the toner.  This polymer that gets adhered via a heat press machine will then allow the printed transfer to be applied to a t-shirt or other textile.

     This is considered a ‘two-step’ paper. Step 1 is adhering the polymer by ‘marrying’ the A&B sheets together, Step 2 is applying this ‘finished’ transfer to a t-shirt or other apparel. If you are looking for a ONE-STEP process, check out EZ PEEL OneStep.  

    A - FOIL

    FOREVER refers to the transparent sheet you print on as the A FOIL. This is much like a transparency sheet you may have been given presentations on in school. It’s a clear sheet with a special top coating. This coating is designed to receive the image you print on your OKI white toner printer and allow it to be ‘released’ to your apparel with a heat press.



    The B paper , also known by FOREVER as ‘low-temp’ B –Paper is designed to specifically work with their A-FOIL. It is not interchangeable with other papers. It is referred to as low-temp in comparison to older papers or sublimation papers that require a MUCH higher temperature to adhere to garments. This paper performs well per the downloadable instructions right around 310 degrees F on your heat press machine. Note that in some instances you may have to slightly increase or decrease your temperature of your heat press to achieve desired results. For example, we have seen some 100% polyester garments adhere as low as 250 degrees, and some cotton garments adhere at 320 degrees. No 2 garments are made alike so always test and use your skills of trial/error to get the desired results.





    Download Forever Laser Dark Instructions
    * This paper will work on many different colors and materials. Although just like every other type of apparel decorating methods, you can run into limitations. It is important to always test new colors, styles, weeves and brands of garments. The apparel industry is constantly adapting, so be sure to test and adjust times, pressures and temperatures for new applications. 

    Some textiles we recommend testing or adapting processes for:

    - Very unique patterned weaves. This can cause uneven stretching of the garment which can rip the transfer
    - Extremely stretchable garments. For example if your garment is going to stretch 5x its size when worn, remember your transfer will have minimal stretch
    - Garments with deep ribs. These are most commonly seen on tank tops. The transfer will not be in the ridges of the garment, so understand how this will affect the print while worn. 
    Always remember to test, adapt and use your knowledge of apparel decorating to find creative ways to be successful,

    Other tips:
    - Increase negative space in your prints. In general this is always a great tip for apparel. Negative space allows places for the garment to stretch and water to move through while washing. 
    - Wash test new garments. Always recomend your customers not use fabric softener or dry on high heat. This can degrade the garment and transfer life. 
    - Some garments accept the look and feel of transfers better than others. When you find the ones that work best for you, make sure you offer your customers these as reccomended styles. 


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