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Thermal Thumb Thimbles - 3pk | DFX-Thimbles
Part #: DFX-Thimbles
Thermal Thumb Thimbles - 3pk
    Part #: DFX-Thimbles

    Thermal Thumb Thimbles - 3pk

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    Try our DFX Thermal Thimbles to keep your fingers safe and burn-free.
    Heat presses and the lower silicone pad can sure retain the heat when your using the press over-and-over.

    Thermal Thimbles help you to press your DFX papers and garments without burning your fingers.
    Designed to fit the index finger and thumb on either hand, heat-resitant.
    Also can help in gripping the DFX paper while pulling the A sheet from the B sheet. 

    Each pack contains 1 size each: Small, Medium, and Large.


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