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DFX Essential Startup Supplies | DFX-PRT-ESSENTIALSKIT
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: DFX-PRT-ESSENTIALSKIT
DFX Essential Startup Supplies
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: DFX-PRT-ESSENTIALSKIT

    DFX Essential Startup Supplies

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    The DFX Essentials Kit equips you with the supplies you need to get started in creating your transfers. In order to be successful you have to use the right kind of supplies and techniques to be most effective and the items in this kit help you accomplish exactly that!

    • DFX Deluxe Finishing/Utility Sheets (Item: DFX-FPAPER)/li>
    • 18� Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer (Item: DFX-PAPERCUTTER)
    • Heat Press Test Kit (Item: DFX-HP-TESTKIT)
    • Cold Pack (Item: DFX-COLDPACK)


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