Cut n Press Starter Kit & JP14
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Part #: CP-StarterKit-HP
Cut n Press Starter Kit & JP14
    Cut n Press Starter Kit & JP14
    Part #: CP-StarterKit-HP

    Cut n Press Starter Kit & JP14

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    The Perfect Start for your Custom T Shirt Business

    The Cut n Press system was designed for someone who is looking to start their own t shirt business, but doesn't want to invest in messy, large or maintenance heavy equipment. This system is compact, yet powerful. It includes a commercial grade cutter so you can produce shirts all day with fast and consistent results. It also includes a compact, heavy duty heat press that will keep up with your orders.
    You can't go wrong with this truly commercial grade custom t shirt system!

    The best part is our First Shirt in 55 Minutes program. After unboxing your t shirt system, follow along our program and have your first shirt made within an hour!

    Kit includes:
    • - Graphtec 6000-40(15") Cutter
    • - George Knight JP14 14inch Heat Press
    • - 5 colors of Opaque Heat Transfer Vinyl(each piece is 15" x 12")
    • - 5 colors of Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl(each piece is 15" x 20")
    • - Graphtec Studio Design Software
    • - Hand Cutting tool
    • - Vinyl Pick Tools
    • - Precision tweezers
    • - USB and Power Cords
    • - Cutting Blade and Blade Holder
    • - 5 sheets of Silicon Release Paper
    • - Cut n Press USB Drive with instructions & sample design
    • - Blank T-Shirt to make your first shirt in 55 minutes
    • - Application and Washing instructions

    If you are ready to start your custom t shirt business, then we are on board to help!


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    Awesome Cut n Press Starter Kit
    I have a T-shirt business and I sell my designs online. It has always been messy and a very tedious job to get the prints done from third party vendors which didnít even ensure me the quality I wanted to deliver. I invested my money on this and it was a wonderful decision made. As a newbie, it is so damn easy to use and the job is done in a very neat and tidy manner. I plan to buy a few more to get my business growing!
    Simple and makes great shirts
    This is simple and the shirts look awesome. The graphtec cutter is top notch and the vinyl has a really soft feel. I love how comfortable the shirts are to wear!
    The Graphtec CE6000 is a fast and easy way to get started with your Apparel Decorating business because you are not limited to just Vinyl with this cutter you can also make Rhinestone Templates and even cut applique! The Vinyl that Colman and company offers is FDC and is a GREAT VINYL it is nearly Flush with the shirts i highly recommend Colman and Company Supplies and Brittany for being such a great help in getting everything set up!
    Penny Parker