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ALBA-BRO - DTG G4 Pretreatment Spray by AlbaChem | A1680
Part #: A1680
ALBA-BRO - DTG G4 Pretreatment Spray by AlbaChem
    Part #: A1680

    ALBA-BRO - DTG G4 Pretreatment Spray by AlbaChem

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    Alba-BRO is a universal DTG pretreatment spray for cotton materials. It may be used on all colors with the greatest benefit on dark (black) materials. It is specifically designed to minimize staining and blocking. It will increase color brilliance and provide a soft feel to the image. Washer/Dryer safe. 

    • Smooth Even Coverage
    • Non-Staining
    • Soft Feel
    • Great for small print areas: sleeves, left chest, neck tag etc.

    Alba-BRO is compatible with your DTG G4 Printer and Inks - If you have a another printer please check the ALBA-PRE product here.
    This product is also commonly used with Brother printers and inks. 

    Directions for Use:
    Shake well. Holding can approximately 6" from fabric, spray Alba-BRO in a slow steady motion horizontally covering print area. On dark colors repeat in a vertical pattern. Cure on heat press @ 330-360°F for 30 seconds. Do not clamp down too tight.

    Tips from DTG Techs and Trainers: 
    • To prevent crystallization, try hovering the heat press over the fabric for 20 seconds before pressing.
    • DO NOT SPRAY NEAR MACHINE - you don't want pretreat mist getting into your printer. 
    • Perfect for left chest logos & Sleeves
    • Spray as evenly as possible. Practice makes perfect  

    * Can only be shipped via UPS Ground / Flammable product


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