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Patch Hot Knife (no tip) | 24414
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: 24414
Patch Hot Knife (no tip)
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: 24414

    Patch Hot Knife (no tip)

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    The perfect tool for trimming out your patches and badges is the Patch Hot Knife (without tip).

    With a temperature of a modest 725-750 degrees, this Hot Knife will seal the patch material without burning it. Comes with a useless "Flow Point" tip, but we highly recommend grabbing the Hot Knife Universal Tip. The Universal Tip assures good heat seal with proper cutting ability. Best if used upon a smooth glass surface you can pick up locally. Remember to practice your technique before trying to impress your clients.

    Warning - Do not touch the metal of the Hot Knife or tip when plugged in! Could leave a mark.

    ***DON'T forget to buy the Hot Knife Universal Tip as well the Mini-Universal Tip***

    Comes with a US style electrical plug, 120 Volts/16.5 Watts.
    Also, has been improved with an inline 'on/off' switch. 

     This product does not cut wood.

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