Pick the category listed below according to the length of your hoop.
Length of hoop, end-to-end, is 15 3/4" > 400mm
Length of hoop, end-to-end, is 19 1/2" > 495mm

Durkee Hoops are compatible with your embroidery machine, and will also work with our All-In-1 hooping device. They are NOT compatible with your HoopMaster hooping device.

Click here to view instructions on how to measure your hoop..

11 items
ZSK 09 400mm (DS)
ZSK 12 400mm (DS)
ZSK 15 400mm (DS)
ZSK 18 400mm (DS)
ZSK 15X15 400mm (DS)
ZSK 24X24 400mm (DS)
ZSK 335X329 400mm (DS)
ZSK 30X10 400mm (DS)
ZSK 30X15 400mm (DS)
ZSK 300X410 400mm (DS)
ZSK 410X300 495mm (DS)
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