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Hotronix HOVER Heat Press - 16X20 | HX-STX20H
Brand: Hotronix    Part #: HX-STX20H
Hotronix HOVER Heat Press - 16X20
    Brand: Hotronix     Part #: HX-STX20H

    Hotronix HOVER Heat Press - 16X20

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    Hotronix 16in x 20in Auto-Open Heat Press with Hover

    Auto-Opening to Prevent Over Application and Increase Production
    - Hotronix presses come equipped with a patented, magnetic assist lockdown and an auto-open feature to make your job easier than ever. Even if you apply just one transfer a day, you'll appreciate the convenience of an auto-open press.

    Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment - Ensures Even Pressure
    - Hotronix presses are engineered with a patented Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment and a flotational heat platen to ensure even pressure and a no-pinch application regardless of the thickness of the substrate.

    Digital Readouts for Time, Temperature and Pressure
    - Only Hotronix presses offer the convenience of a digital time, temperature, and pressure display. No more guessing about the correct pressure setting.

    Cast-In, Tubular Cal-Rod Heating Element and Thick Platens for Even Heat
    - All Hotronix presses feature a cast-in, tubular cal-rod heating element spaced every 2"" throughout the platen to ensure even heat and to eliminate cold spots. Plus, the thick 3/4"" platens retain heat better and longer than thinner platens.

    Wide Opening for Easy Garment Placement
    - Hotronix clam presses have a wide 65 degree opening, which is 10% wider than most other clam-style presses on the market. This allows for safer, easier positioning of the garment on the lower platen, and safe positioning of transfers and other graphics. Swing and draw motion presses are also available for a heat and obstruction-free workspace.

    Free Blue Ribbon Support through Hotronix, live technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Hotronix technical support staff has more than 100 years of combined experience and is ready and waiting to help you. Contact Hotronix directly to access their Blue Ribbon Support staff.

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