DTF - Direct to Film Printers

Produce full-color, prints faster than any DTG or white toner printer on the market with the DigitalHeat FX Direct-to-Film Printer. The DTFH2 can print anything from single color labels to vibrant multicolor, full size prints that can be heat applied to fabrics like cotton, polyester and blends. Create custom t-shirts, backpacks and aprons that will feel incredibly soft thanks to the powder adhesive coating that's applied to transfers during the printing process.
Custom DTF Printing
How to Store DTF Transfers
How to apply DTF Transfers to Hats
A Quick and Easy Guide to Applying DTF Transfers on Performance Wear
How to Apply DTF Transfers onto Cotton T-Shirts
Important Components To Keep On Hand To Maintain Optimal DTF Printer Performance
What's the Difference Between DTG and DTF?
How It Works
Direct-to-Film Transfers on Hats
Direct to Film Printing
Comparing White Toner Printing to Direct to Film (DTF)
Things To Consider And Realistic Expectations For DTF Printing
Major Focus Points From The ColDesi Digital Printing Guidelines
Quick Startup Checklist Before Printing
Daily Maintenance (Start of Day)
Mid-Production Maintenance
End Of Day/Post-Production Maintenance
Banding of Prints
Causes and Solutions for Yellowing Film
Low DTF Powder
Film Sensor Issue
Film Not Advancing
Smoke and Odors While Printing
Oily Transfers
Spinning Cones of Thread