Heat SPUN Roll - 20" X 10 Yd
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Part #: HeatSPUN-Roll
Heat SPUN Roll - 20" X 10 Yd
    Heat SPUN Roll - 20
    Part #: HeatSPUN-Roll

    Heat SPUN Roll - 20" X 10 Yd

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    The HeatSPUN-Roll is our answer to the missing stabilizer from the back-side of our popular Patch-Mat materials used for patch making.
    HeatSPUN is used before the hooping process. It will add to stability most folks prefer to have in the patch material.

    Press at 285-320 degrees Fahrenheit in your heat press for 10-15 seconds, or use less time if your temperature is higher. (Start at a lower temp and work higher if needed.)
    With your hand-iron, set at 'Wool', then press for 10-15 seconds. Remember to use Teflon or our Release Paper to keep your heat press from getting too sticky!
    Afterwards, just proceed as normal with your typical patch-making process.


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