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EZ Peel 13X19 Transfer Paper (100ct A&B) | DFXLP-040
Brand: EZ Peel    Part #: DFXLP-040
EZ Peel 13X19 Transfer Paper (100ct A&B)
    Brand: EZ Peel     Part #: DFXLP-040

    EZ Peel 13X19 Transfer Paper (100ct A&B)

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    You can also use 11x17 paper for your 9541 Order Here

    This Self-Weeding 2-Paper-System - Create Vibrant prints from your Digital HeatFX Pro9541

    Count: 100 Sheets each of "A" & "B". 
    Size: Super B 13"x19"

    For Use with The OKI 9541 White Toner Printers. This will forever change the way you think about paper for your white toner printer. Don't have a Digital Heat FX System? Learn more about Digital HeatFX

    Laser EZ Peel DARK No-Cut CMYW Laser/LED Heat Transfer Paper

    Transfer white and light colors onto all colors of garments. You can print on black, dark colors, light colors, heathers and white t-shirts with this one paper.  This also works with tons of fabric types including: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and various blends* 

    Laser EZ Peel Features:

    • Transparent "A" Paper lets you see your design easily for exact placement
    • Ability to press at low temps
    • Washability better than most transfer papers due to a unique blend of coatings
    • Vibrant white and a large array of colors
    • Perfect for OKI White Toner prints and an exact match for your Digital HeatFX System

    How does this paper work:

    The 'A" sheet is what accepts the Toner from your printer. This is designed to take the toner and prep it for the "B" Sheet. The "B" Sheet is essentially the adhesive that will allow the toner to adhere to the garment and uphold to washes. Once you print, you use a heat press to 'Marry' the A and B sheets to make them into one transfer. Once 'Married' you can use the transfer immediately or store for later use. 

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