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EZ Peel OneStep 11X17 Transfer Paper - 50ct | DFXLP-037-50
Brand: EZ Peel    Part #: DFXLP-037-50
EZ Peel OneStep 11X17 Transfer Paper - 50ct
    Brand: EZ Peel     Part #: DFXLP-037-50

    EZ Peel OneStep 11X17 Transfer Paper - 50ct

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    EZ Peel OneStep has been designed for the fast paced t-shirt shop that knows efficiency is the key to success. This one step paper takes out the 'marry' step, which means you go directly from printer to t-shirt.

    Not recommended for dark garments. Not recommended for high saturation of white toner. Currently not for use with the i650, i560, or i550. 

    EZ Peel OneStep Transfer Paper is ideal for light colored garments, faster production & reduced cost per transfer sheet.

    Our most popular transfer paper is still the traditional 2-step EZ Peel, but this one step solution might be perfect for many of your orders. It is especially great for:
    - Sample shirts
    - Event based apparel
    - White T-shirts
    - Apparel likely to only be worn a few times
    - Family Reunions
    - Birthday Parties
    - Company picnics
    - Charity Events
    - Marathons / Walkathons / 5Ks
    - Children School Events

    Download EZ Peel OneStep Instructions Here


    OKI WHITE TONER Transfer Printer
    330°F - 35 Seconds - 6-8/ Med-High Pressure
    340°F - 30 seconds - 6-8/ Med-High Pressure

    For DigitalHeat FX OKI 920WT, 8432WT and 9541WT

    The DigitalHeat FX EZ Peel One Step transfer paper is self-weeding and there is no need to trim the paper. It is a one-step transfer paper (no marry step) that works on various white and light-colored garments such as cotton, cotton blends, 100% polyester and leather. It is designed to transfer isolated full color graphics, letters and numbers and offers brilliant colors and soft hand without leaving any background coating film.

    *NOTE: This paper is not recommended for dark colored garments or solid photographs. White toner cartridge must be used to obtain optimal results*

    Pre-heat your heat press to 330°-340°F.

    Adjust the pressure to medium-high (6-8 on the Hotronix Fusion).

    1. Load the EZ Peel One Step transfer paper into the multi-purpose tray of your printer with the coated, glossy side face up (labeled side face down). Adjust the guides if necessary.

    2. Import your graphic into the Print Optimizer software.

    a. Settings for the DFX 8432WT Printer:
    i. 11 x 17 Print Mode
    ii. Mirrored
    iii. Media Type: Labels
    iv. Media Weight: Heavy 121-128g

    b. Settings for the DFX 9541WT Printer:
    i. 11 x 17 Print Mode
    ii. Mirrored
    iii. Media Type: Labels
    iv. Media Weight: Ultra Heavy 1 129-188g

    3. Make any necessary adjustments to the graphic and then PRINT.


    Ensure your heat press is pre-heated before you begin the transfer process.

    4. Lay your garment on to the bottom platen of the heat press and pre-press the garment for 10-15 seconds to remove any wrinkles and moisture. Re-test the pressure with the garment on the bottom platen to ensure it is still correct.

    5. Lay the transfer printed side down on top of the garment on the bottom platen of the heat press.

    6. Cover the transfer with a finishing sheet/parchment paper.

    7. Close the heat press and press based upon the following parameters:
    a. 330°F for 35 seconds OR 340°F for 30 seconds

    8. When time is up, open the heat press and remove the finishing sheet/parchment paper. Peel the transfer paper away within 4-8 seconds of opening the heat press.

    9. Once you have peeled the transfer paper away, cover the graphic with a finishing sheet/parchment paper and press the garment again for 15-30 seconds to finish the garment.


    • Cold Wash inside out.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Do not bleach.
    • Do not iron the transferred area directly. Cover the image with a finishing sheet/parchment paper.
    Temperatures in Fahrenheit are given as approximate values. All information is based on findings obtained through internal testing using the Hotronix Fusion heat press. Because of the high number of factors which can have an effect during handling and application, further customer testing may be required.

    Questions? Contact our Digital HeatFX Support Team today.
    Phone: 877-793-3278
    Email: [email protected]

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