i550 TempTattoo Paper Kit - 8.27in X 11.69in (100ct A&B)
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Part #: DFXIC-Tem-Tattoo
i550 TempTattoo Paper Kit - 8.27in X 11.69in (100ct A&B)
    i550 TempTattoo Paper Kit - 8.27in X 11.69in (100ct A&B)
    Part #: DFXIC-Tem-Tattoo

    i550 TempTattoo Paper Kit - 8.27in X 11.69in (100ct A&B)

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    Create custom temporary tattoos with your DigitalHeat FX OKI 8432wt & DigitalHeat FX i550. 

    This is an exciting new opportunity to create a truly unique product that can set your business apart from the competition. The temporary tattoo product is the perfect add-on and up-sell to your t-shirt and hat orders. Imagine being the only one to say, "I can also add sheets of temporary tattoos to your order with your logo." No one else can offer that and it’s a fun way to promote events! 


    Perfect for:

    School Spirit, Family reunions, Corporate Events, Promotional Items, Parties, Concerts, Holiday Events – the list goes on and on!

    This process requires a white toner transfer system and is a typical A&B, two-step process. How does it work?  Watch and read below. 

    Helpful hints:

    'A' side: Print Side > paper-like, color is white :  Non-Print Side > dull film, color is off-white, on the curl-side of the sheet

    'B' side: Adhesive Side > smooth feel, tacky, on the curl-side of the sheet : Non-Adhesive Side > slightly rough feel, non-tacky

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    1. Turn on your heat press and set the temperature to 265F. Set your time to 40 seconds and adjust the pressure to a 7. Make sure you test the pressure before you being the marrying step Keep the top platen closedwhile heating up, that way the bottom platen will be nice and warm when you are ready to marry. All settings are based off using the Hotronix Fusion heat press.
    2. Place transfer sheet (A-media) into the Multi-Purpose tray of your Digital HeatFX printer, print side down (the brighter white, slick matte side is the print side).
    *Note that the front and back of the package is labelled printing and non printing side to help you determine which side is the printing side.* Note: NEVER run the adhesive sheet through your printer. This could result in fuser failure.
    3. If using the Print Optimizer software, the best way to utilize the Tattoo Media is to create a new Print Queue since there are several settings that need to be changed. The easiest way to do this is to make a copy of your current i550 Overprint Queue and make changes to this new queue.
    Click on Queues at the top of the software and then click on Manage Queues.
    Highlight your i550 Overprint Queue and then click on Copy Queue, the third option to the left of the Queue Manager window. Click close once copied.
    Rename your new queue (i550 Tattoo). The paper type should be Coated Glossy. Your print mode will be Uninet 2 Step Premium 550 Paper. Page size should be A4. Remember to set the job to mirror print to ensure it looks correct when transferred to the garment.
    A white spot coverage (white overprint) of 200% is suggested when applying to lighter skin. Use up to 400% when applying to darker skin.
    Please refer to the training video for more detailed information.
    4. Print the image.
    5. Once the image is printed, open your press, lay a piece of parchment/finishing sheet on the bottom platen of the press (for protection from any residue from the B-paper) and then lay your printed A-media face up/printed side up. Then, lay your B-Paper on top of the A-media, with the tacky side face down on top of the printed side. Smooth the B-paper on top of the A-media to ensure all air bubbles are removed.
    6. Fold a small corner of the B-paper over, prior to pressing - this will make it easier to peel apart after pressing.
    7. Cover with a Teflon sheet and press the two sheets together at 265F for 40 seconds with medium-high pressure (7-8 on the Fusion press).
    8. After the 40 seconds, open the press and while hot - immediately peel the B-sheet away from the transfer sheet diagonally in one smooth, quick, continuous motion. This should be done with the sheets on the press to minimize heat loss.
    9. Discard the used adhesive sheet.
    10. Typically, one transfer sheet will contain several images since temporary tattoos are usually small. Cut out the individual images that you wish to apply. You do not need to cut them precisely because the paper is weed-free, and therefore the background will not be visible.
    11. Clean the application area with a warm, wet towel and dry thoroughly. The skin cannot be wet, moist or tacky at all or the tattoo will not adhere properly. Using an alcohol wipe will work as well.
    12. Holding your image, peel the thin plastic, translucent top printed layer away from the white paper liner. Discard the liner. If you are having trouble removing the film, lay the tattoo flat and use your fingernail to peel away the edge, or use a small pin to get one corner started.
    13. Lay the image down flat on the application area, white toner down, bright color side up. Smooth out by applying pressure as you move your finger from one edge to the other back and forth several times to create a good bond. It should rest as flat as possible on the skin with no wrinkles.
    14. Thoroughly wet a towel with warm water and press it directly onto the applied image with firm, even pressure for about 30 seconds to one minute. The plastic layer will dissolve during this process.
    15. After about 30 seconds to one minute, carefully lift the towel away and wipe the excess adhesive off the skin with smooth, even motions.
    16. You now have a temporary tattoo that will last for up to two weeks if proper care is taken. Apply moisturizer to protect the image and for additional durability.


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