Compress UV Clear 500ml
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Part #: CI-P70i-CLR500
Compress UV Clear 500ml
    Compress UV Clear 500ml
    Part #: CI-P70i-CLR500

    Compress UV Clear 500ml

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    Call Tech Supp before use.



    Clear UV ink for the Compress UV Printer.
    'Clear' ink is also known as the Emperor's ink. 😎

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    Compress Designed with the idea of UV printing “Anything to just about Everything”
    • Finished Products
    • Product Prototypes & Production
    • Labels & Decals
    • Packaging & Production
    • Sign & Display

    Compress UV LED technology is an entirely new small footprint flatbed UV printer that brings cost-effective, on-demand color printing to the production floor for a multitude of substrates.
    Important:  Not all Compress UV printers are set up to use the CLEAR ink, please contact Tech Support before use.

    Additional Information

    Download Material Safety Data Sheets for Compress UV
    Compress UV inks have a 12 month shelf-life from date of manufacture on front of bottle. Best performance and life when agitated or rolled weekly and just prior to adding to machine. Do not vigorously shake, gently agitate.


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