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Flip-Flop Strap Assembly Tool | FlipFlop-Tool
Brand: Colman and Company    Part #: FlipFlop-Tool
Flip-Flop Strap Assembly Tool
    Brand: Colman and Company     Part #: FlipFlop-Tool

    Flip-Flop Strap Assembly Tool

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    This flip-flop tool is designed to make the assembly of our sublimation flip-flops simple and easy. This tool is compatible with all sizes of our sublimation flip-flops. 

    Installation Of Flip Flop Straps:

    To install the flip-flop straps or thongs simply insert the Flip-Flop Strap Assembly Tool into the sole openings of the sublimated flip-flop. Attach the strap/thong onto the end of the assembly tool and pull the strap/thong through the base of the flip flop. Make sure to correctly line up the straps/thongs with the ribbed side displayed. Repeat this process until all three straps/thongs have been installed. Replicate this method for the second sublimated flip flop

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