Rhinestone Hard Surface Material 6" X 60"
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Part #: RHSM-6X60
Rhinestone Hard Surface Material 6" X 60"
    Rhinestone Hard Surface Material 6
    Part #: RHSM-6X60

    Rhinestone Hard Surface Material 6" X 60"

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    Rhinestone Hard Surface Material gives you the means for placing rhinestones, rhinestuds, or nail-heads on the surface of 'hard' goods. Goods such as glass, metal, wood, etc. If it's a hard, non-flexible item there's a good chance this material will allow you to add some 'bling'.

    The Rhinestone Hard Surface Material(RHSM) is a clear, dry substrate with a sticky back. The sticky back is covered with an opaque, poly backing.

    Basically, the Rhinestone Hard Surface Material(RHSM) takes the place of the garment. That means you will heat press the stone design directly to the surface of the RHSM, creating a stand alone rhinestone sticker. Then you peel off the backing from the sticker and apply to the selected hard surface.

    Please take the time to read the instructions supplied on this page. The description above was over-simplified but you should know about the various "do's and don'ts" we've learned while researching the material. Sell some Bling!

    Roll size: 6" wide X 60" long Helpful tip for decal pricing, your cost per square inch: $0.069

    Download RHSM instructions here.


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    Size of roll
    The title says 6 x 60. But the description says 12 x 60. What is the size of the Rhinestone decal paper?
    Marline Simington
    Hard Surface Material 6"
    Very satisfied with product. Excited about offering new bling designs for them to display on their hard surface choice.
    Kellie Sykes