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EZ-Off Heat Press Cleaner | EZ-OFF
Brand: Best Blanks    Part #: EZ-OFF
EZ-Off Heat Press Cleaner
    Brand: Best Blanks     Part #: EZ-OFF

    EZ-Off Heat Press Cleaner

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    Safely & easily remove residue from your upper heat press platen!

    Keeping your heat press platen clean is very important. It not only extends the life of your heat platen but also stops the dirty platen from transferring stains to your shirts, tote bags, etc. Won't pit or scratch metal surfaces.

    This is non-flammable and safe for metal, fabric and skin.

    It's easy to use too!
    Turn your press on to about 200°F. Remember you are not pressing, just cleaning. Put a small amount on a clean cotton rag, then using a circular motion carefully rub the heat platen in the same direction as the grain of the metal. When you've removed all the residue, use the clean side of the cloth to finish up.

    No scraping or harmful chemicals used.

    5.25 oz. Tube


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