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Digital Heat FX Laser EZ Peel Instructions

Here’s the steps you’ll want to take to get the best results from your Digital Heat FX Laser EZ Peel Papers. The instructions are designed to be completed in order, so please don’t skip steps.. Step 1 Print your design in mirror image mode onto the A-Film. Step 2 Please note that the B-Paper Low

How to make a T-Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl

This post takes you through the process of creating a custom vinyl design on children’s leotards. These designs were created using multiple colors of glitter vinyl. The first step in the process is creating your design in the Graphtec Studio software. To learn more on how to use this software, take a look at this

What is HTV Vinyl? -And What Styles Can I Get.

This article gives you a brief and basic explanation of what HTV is and how you can use it to amp up an already successful apparel decorating business! What is HTV? HTV, or heat transfer vinyl, is a polyurethane material that allows any apparel decorator to create a design, cut and weed it out, and