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sublimation mug blanks best options

Sublimation Mug Blanks [Best Options]

What Can You Do with Sublimation Mug Blanks?

Sublimation mug blanks are extremely popular in the customization business. Everyone loves a nice mug! They are inexpensive to produce and create a great product to sell. 

Our customers use them for promotional items, gifts, holidays and even to promote their own customization business. Its better than a business card!

Here are some ways you can use these mugs:

  • Corporate Gifts: You can purchase sublimation mugs wholesale and customize them as corporate gifts for your visitors, employees, and clients. 
  • Wedding Gifts: These are a practical gift to provide to guests. You can print pictures of the couple, a joke, or some other memorable image on the mug.
  • Award Ceremonies: Award ceremonies use customized gifts for winners. So, you can also customize gifts according to the winner, print their name on it, picture, and give it away as an award. Salesperson of the Year. Most Improved. Etc
  • Anniversary Gifts: Another amazing use of these mugs is for anniversaries. People use these mugs to celebrate special days in their lives. You can print dates, images, or a heartfelt message on these mugs and sell them as a commemorative gift. These are great gift ideas to promote on Facebook Marketplace or Etsy. 

What Are the Different Ways to Use Sublimation Mugs?

Mugs are actually one of the easiest items to decorate and they have an incredible life. There are really just a few ways customization shops will use sublimation ways, so let’s review. 

Using a Heat Press Machine to Print Images

This is one of the most popular methods of using mug blanks for custom images. Here are some steps that will help you understand this process better.

  1. First, you will have to choose an image that will go along with your mug: pictures, logos, quotes, etc.
  2. This image is then printed on to a ‘transfer paper’. These papers are made specifically for sublimation mug blanks. Mugs create beautifully crisp images so make sure you use an image that is a high resolution. 
  3. Once you have printed an image, you can cut it according to the dimensions of your mug. This means that the paper should be big enough to cover the mug without any issues.
  4. At this point, you can start heating up the heat press machine. These heat press machines are designed to print images on mugs. These transfer the ink from transfer paper to the surface of the mug. Just heat up the press machine per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  5. Once the machine is ready, you can wrap the paper around the mug using heat-resistant adhesive tape and place it in the machine. This will ensure that the paper remains in its place while you move the mug in and out of the press.
  6. It only takes a few minutes for the transfer to complete its transition from the paper to the mug.

What are the options you have for printable mugs?

There are a growing number of options for mugs that are printable. Here are a few we offer now…

  • White: This is the most common color for a printable mug. It provides a crisp clean finish at a low price.
  • Black: These only work with specific types of decorating methods, but provide an awesome look. Be sure to read the mug specs to be sure it works with your decorating method.
  • Silver and Gold Metallic: These are a personal favorite of our crew. They provide a unique look and work with a variety of decorating methods. They are worth more to your customer than a standard white mug. 
  • Two-Tone Schemes: This is another growing favorite of our customers. Two-toned mugs give you the simplicity of white on the outside (which is great for decorating versatility.) However, the inside is available in a variety of colors. This goes great if you can find a color to match a logo or mascot you are putting on the mug. 
  • Color-Changing Mugs: These color-changing mugs change their color as they heat up. These are cool as they look like a plain mug and then reveal a logo or a design. 

All of the mugs on Colman and Company are designed for printing and decorating. Just read the descriptions or talk to one of our friendly reps to help pick the one that is just right for your project. 

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