6 Simple Ways to take advantage of the Holiday Season Rush for your T shirt & Apparel business. - Learning Center 6 Simple Ways to take advantage of the Holiday Season Rush for your T shirt & Apparel business. - Learning Center

6 Simple Ways to take advantage of the Holiday Season Rush for your T shirt & Apparel business.

offer decorated apparel holiday specials

Earn extra money with specials on your printed t shirts, embroidered hats or rhinestone apparel.

Offer Gift Cards for T Shirts

gift card for t shirt

Have you sold gift cards before? If you haven’t they are a great way to make a sale today and gain a new customer tomorrow.  Gift cards don’t have to be for a specific dollar amount; they can be for a specific product as well.

Custom Made T shirt with digital garment printing

Personalized Embroidered Baseball Cap

Rhinestone Tote bag with 1 of 100 designs.

They key is to make sure they are unique and identifiable, especially if you plan to sell many of them. If you have an e-som}arcv;-أup˺bG}Cq- ]
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your local copy/print center on card stock. Just be sure to include a place to write in unique, non-sequential serial numbers to track your cards; associate each card with a customer’s name. After the card is redeemed you can send a Thank You to the original buyer.

Be sure to offer a gift card to every customer as holiday and corporate gift ideas.

Corporate Gifts

sell corporate gifts

Advertise your ability to create personalized corporate gifts.  If you have clients that have a large staff of employees they can create personalized named aprons for cooking holiday meals or fun designed t-shirts to wear to the company Christmas party.

This is the time of year where employees should be appreciated for all of their hard work. Remind your customers to express their gratitude with a unique gift. One they could be proud to use inside or outside of the office.

Kitchen Queen rhinestone apron

Turkey Carver hat with 3D foam

Company polo shirt

Company Tote bag

These little gifts can go a long way and also give you the opportunity to get your foot in the door for future corporate orders.

Black Friday Deals on Embroidery

black friday deals

You might not feel like you are big enough for a black Friday deal… or maybe you aren’t working that day. It doesn’t matter. Run a Black Friday deal for your customers, even if it means delivery the following week. Start your Black Friday specials the weekend before and run them through Wednesday (if you aren’t working Friday.) Just be sure to get creative with what your customer base would purchase.

This is also a great time to try some new creative ideas like Custom Embroidery Patches or Rhinestone Transfer T shirts.

Bling Apparel Fundraising campaigns

give to charity

For a few weeks offer a certain percent of sales to a charitable organization.  Supply a homeless shelter with some free clothing. Every shirt you sell, you will give away a shirt to the needy. The holidays are known for a time of giving and good will towards all.

This is not only a great way to give back to your community, but also is fantastic for your business. Studies show that people are more likely to make a purchase when they know a portion of it will go towards charity.

Say Thank you

thank you card

Send everyone a personalized holiday Thank You message. Mail offers the most impact, but an e-mail message can go a long way as well. The message does not have to contain a hard sell but should include a reminder about any deals, specials or ideas you can provide for holiday gift ideas.

Remember that these are the people who helped your business this year. You will find that this will generate a response and turn into sales calls. How many other apparel decorators do you think will send them a card this year?

Start Planning now

Plan Ahead

If you haven’t already started planning your holiday specials… start now. Just think of a few simple ideas and settle in on one. It doesn’t need to be the next genius marketing gimmick; but it deserves some effort. If you plan to print some flyers you will need ample time for printing. If you want to run a web special you want to be sure your programming is good. You may also need to order special colors of thread, rhinestones or extra ink.

Don’t let this holiday season pass by without making an effort on some fun holiday marketing!

If you want to discuss ideas join the conversation on Facebook and post to our wall. Also, there is a great apparel start up discussion group here.

Visit www.colmanandcompany.com to order your supplies with enough time for the busy holiday season!


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