Crystalline Hotfix Rhinestones- Best Bling for your buck. Crystalline Hotfix Rhinestones- Best Bling for your buck.

Crystalline Hotfix Rhinestones: the BEST bling for your buck


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First of all, what are Crystalline Rhinestones?

A Crystalline rhinestone stands for quality assurance. It stands for tested consumer safety. It means we check every batch of stones with strict quality guidelines. Crystalline means you will get brilliant stones at a great price as long as you shop with Colman and Company.

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What does Quality Assurance mean for the rhinestone transfer business?

Every time a rhinestone looks dull, doesn’t adhere to the garment or is damaged… it reduces the quality of your products. Each batch of bulk hotfix rhinestones that goes out is tested to make sure they uphold the standards of quality demanded by the Colman and Company team.


What do we mean by brilliant stones?

Brilliant is defined as very bright or flashing with light; a brilliant star, a brilliant shining light. When your customers look at a rhinestone t shirt made with Crystalline hotfix rhinestones; we want them to be excited at the true bling of their shirt.

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Are these cheap stones?

We don’t like the word cheap… it can be defined as poor quality. So someone might say, “No they aren’t cheap.” Are they a low price? We would absolutely say yes to that! Colman and Company does our best to deliver quality products and still bring you supplies that allow for a profitable business. You can always count on making great rhinestone transfers when you have a good supplier.

Why do we test for lead?

It is a best practice to reduce or remove lead in consumer products whenever possible. It is not healthy and doesn’t offer a benefit to the rhinestone. Also, when it comes to children’s consumer products, low lead is the law! According to the CSPC children’s products cannot contain more than 100ppm of lead. Each of our rhinestone purchases will come with a Crystalline Certificate that sates the list of stones you purchases and being tested for low lead content.


Why include a Crystalline Certificate?

We certify our rhinestones because we are serious about delivering you a quality assured and safe product. Don’t settle for anything less than a Crystalline Certified Rhinestone from Colman and Company.

Crystalline HotFix Rhinestones by Colman and Company

You can purchase Crystalline Rhinestones at

Colman and Company.


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