Why you don't own a hooper for your embroidery hoops... and why you should! - Why you don't own a hooper for your embroidery hoops... and why you should! -

Why you don’t own a hooper for your embroidery hoops… and why you should!

Owning a hooping device like the All in One Hooper is great for your embroidery business.

As an embroidery professional you have seen hooping devices. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices; each claiming to save you all of the troubles and aches of hooping. Generally speaking they aren’t a small investment, and as a business owner, you don’t want to waste money. So… you continue to use your embroidery hoops the old fashioned way.


Why you don’t own one.

As we speak with our customers the #1 reason is, “They are just too darn expensive.” We get it, because it takes a decent amount of embroidered shirts to pay for a quality hooping device.

The second most popular reason we hear is, “Why do I need to buy a device, when I can do it perfectly well by hand?” This also does make sense, you know how to use embroidery hoops. Why do you need a fancy contraption? You are a professional embroiderer. You have spent a lot of time learning how to hoop to product great results.

You have invested in machines, software, supplies and a lot of time. Why invest more money?

Speaking of time

How much time do you spend working on a job? Each hour you spend on a job becomes your hourly rate. If you spend more time on a job, you earn less money per hour of work. For example, if you are going to profit $300 from an embroidery job and it takes you 10 hours: you made $30 per hour of work. Running into a snag in your operation that sets you back 2 hours means you reduced your hourly rate to $25 per hour. More time equals less money (and generally more stress). You should take actions to reduce the time it takes to produce your garments. This means you can work less, or complete more jobs each week; earning more money.

Then there is quality control

A shirt that was hooped incorrectly will cost you the price of the garment, the time on your machine… or the tedious task of removing the stitches. It is one of the moments embroiderers loathe. You pull the shirt off of your machine and… it’s crooked. Is it that noticeable? “Mary, come look at this, does this look crooked to you.” Let’s face it… it happens.

Loose hooping and bad embroidery

This is the real headache. Every shirt looks great but just one, why? It wasn’t the machine or the shirt… it was probably bad hooping. It happens even to the best and most experienced embroiderers; and it costs you money (and time as mentioned above).

Knowing is ½ the battle

Hooping devices are an investment. Your time is money. Great quality embroidery is very important. Everyone can agree on these, but there is still the action of investing in your business. When you get a great hooper for your embroidery hoops you will love it, you will save time and you will improve your work.

In Summary

Simply said, people who own professional hooping devices like the All in One Hooper from Colman and Company love them. Our customers say things like, “I don’t know why I waited so long to buy one” or, “How did I even manage before this?” Invest in a great hooping device and you will improve your overall experience as a professional embroiderer.

all in one hooper

All in One Hooper

5 Devices in 1 unit
Adult Board
Youth Board
Infant Board
Sleeve Board
All Hoop Bracket Included for ALL hoop sizes
Placement Cards for repeat orders
Color Coded Placement stickers
Hoop Front & Back of garments
Never Measure Again
Contoured Shoulder for Natural Wear


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