Royal Thread: the Choice for Professional Embroiderers

With commercial embroidery, one element that is vital to your success is your choice of thread.

Royal Thread can make all the difference in the quality of your finished product.

As an artist uses paints for a beautiful canvas, Royal Thread has become the color palette commercial embroiderers use to create fabulous designs. The range of colors, combined with durability and washability, makes Royal Thread ideal for embroidery that is both vivid and intense.

Commercial embroiderers are creating designs more precise than ever before. They need thread that is lightweight and sturdy, making Royal Thread the ideal material for the embellishment process.

Royal Thread has become the choice of embroiderers who want to match the luster of rayon, but with the performance, polyester thread provides in high-speed embroidery systems.

Sewability of Royal Thread

A thread’s “sewability” talks about its performance, especially how it handles under high-speed embroidery. Royal Thread provides exceptional sewability because of it is consistent in thickness with the excellent surface finish.

Longitudinal consistency is a valuable component in Royal Thread, for reliable strength and lowered friction as it passes through the machine on its way to make a stitch.

Royal Thread for commercial embroideryThe consistent strength of Royal Thread helps reduce line breaks, which in turn reduces associated costs from lost productivity while rethreading machines, repairing stitches and creating substandard finished products.

Several factors explain the preferred sewability of Royal Threads:

  • Consistent stitch construction
  • No breakings during rapid sewing
  • Fewer skipped stitches
  • Strength consistency, which helps combat tension changes during sewing
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Abundant surface smoothness, for easier passage through machine guides

One of the biggest issues in commercial embroidery is material costs. Everyone is under pressure to keep prices low, without sacrificing quality. Since polyester Royal Thread is a petroleum-based product, many professional embroiderers choose it as a low-cost alternative to rayon.

Superior strength of Royal Thread

Royal Thread is nothing, if not one of the most durable threads on the market. It can sit in water for days without running, as well as washed in bleach without loss of color. Some shop owners even go so far as to refer to Royal Thread as “bulletproof.”

Among other real-world usages, Royal Thread is resistant to:

  • Chlorinated water
  • Sweat and moisture
  • Cold water tinting
  • Dry cleaning
  • Both wet and dry pressing
  • Bleaching

Stability means greater performance

Another feature that puts Royal Thread ahead of the pack is stability. When properly stored, Royal Thread can be sewn after as much as 10 years on the shelf. On the other hand, since rayon comes from tree pulp, it has a tendency to become dry and brittle after time.

High-quality embroidery thread, like Royal Thread, is seen as an investment every shop must protect. It only takes a little attention to get the most out of your thread. For example, all thread should be stored in a cool, dry container, with limited exposure to sunlight.

Even the smallest failure in performance of embroidery thread could result in lost profits, from material, equipment and labor. That is why it is so crucial for your production to be satisfied with the thread you use.

To choose the ideal thread, you could spend hours on thread facts and analyze structures.  On the other hand, you can just go with Royal thread—the choice of professional embroiderers worldwide.

Royal Thread will play a significant role in your product’s performance, with the best color and quality of your most impressive designs.

With Royal Thread, your commercial embroidery makes every stitch count. It helps keep your shop running smooth and efficiently.

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