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Stencil Flock 12" X 5Y - Pink | STENCILFLOCK-12X5-PNK
Stencil Flock 12" X 5Y - Pink

    Stencil Flock 12" X 5Y - Pink

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    Stencil Flock should be your #1 choice when designing rhinestone templates and patterns.

    Simply start with a sheet of Stencil Flock laid out on your workstation. Then, cut out your pattern from a second sheet of Stencil Flock. Shake your rhinestones on to your pattern and brush them into place. 
    Cover with hot fix tape, and apply heat! It's as simple as that!

    Advantages of Stencil Flock:

    Save Money - your Stencil Flock templates are re-usable - over and over.
    Faster productivity - With its special adhesive, Stencil Flock can stick to itself without permanently adhering, allowing you to mix and match unique templates on one workspace.
    Longer Blade Life - Using Stencil Flock increases the life of your blade. By reducing the amount of cutting force to just 170 grams, cutting Stencil Flock will drastically decrease the amount of wear and tear on your vinyl cutter.
    Efficiency - The material's smooth surface allows you to pull the transfer tape off easily in one swift pull. This decreases production time and increases efficiency.
    Antistatic Surface - Your rhinestones/rhinestuds will be kept secure and in place when removed from the rhinestone transfer tape due to Stencil Flock's antistatic surface.

    *Due to the manufacturing process, the roll's overall length may not reach 5 yards. The length can be short anywhere from 1/4" to 1-1 /2". The retail of this product has been reduced by $2 to reflect the possible shortage.


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