Royal Thread Chart
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Part #: Royal_Thread_Chart
Royal Thread Chart
    Royal Thread Chart
    Part #: Royal_Thread_Chart

    Royal Thread Chart

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    Royal Polyester/Metallic Thread Chart offers all #414 polyester colors and the #6 metallic colors.
    Our chart displays all threads in an easy-to-use 7 panel fold-up design.

    Nothing works better for color matching of the logo your customer wants you to match.

    Download our Thread Color Chart


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    Great quality thread and the chart is very nice.
    Loretta Gorman
    Thread right before my eyes.
    Colors on the computer screen are not always the color of the thread. This thread chart makes it possible to color match to a customers specific needs. Very good thing to have on hand.
    Mandy Dowdy
    This is the TOOL
    It makes your life simple and easy. I use to work with another brand but this chart have more options. Also the hard cover is great!