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Royal Thread Popular 1-25 | RTPOP-1ST
Brand: Royal    Part #: RTPOP-1ST
Royal Thread Popular 1-25
    Brand: Royal     Part #: RTPOP-1ST

    Royal Thread Popular 1-25

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    The Royal Thread Popular 1-25 are the twenty-five most popular thread colors bought from our website. This can sometimes take the guesswork out of choosing where to begin with color selection. AND you get a discount of 15% over buying individual cones. GOOD DEAL!!!

    1st Row: P001,P007,P008
    2nd Row: P035,P049,P050,P057 
    3rd Row: P068,P083,P162,P179,P180
    4th Row: P202,P307,P7011,P7078,P7118,P7121
    5th Row: P7125,P7128,P7147,P7167,P7250,P7278,


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