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Rhinestone Hard Surface Material 12" X 60" | RHSM-12X60
Part #: RHSM-12X60
Rhinestone Hard Surface Material 12" X 60"
    Part #: RHSM-12X60

    Rhinestone Hard Surface Material 12" X 60"

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    Rhinestone Hard Surface Material from Colman and Company is the perfect way to create high quality, long lasting Rhinestone decals. You can turn any rhinestone transfer into a decal for your car, locker, motorcycle helmet, glassware....almost anything! Watch the detailed instructions below, pick the size roll you want to start with.
    • Press the same temperature you would for t shirts. 340 is the standard, but there is flexibility.. heat presses will fluctuate like an oven, so if you are set to 340, you should be fine.
    • The time is generally set for 10-15 seconds 20 seconds on the long end. Sometimes your design, room temperature, stone size, etc can effect the length of time. Start at 15 seconds and work from there if you need to adjust.
    • Be sure to use a low pressure. You dont want to squish all of the glue from under the stone. This is a typical error way too much pressure. Michael discusses pressure in the above video.
    • Let it cool before peeling
    • You should see a little donut of glue around each stone. Not too much though.
    • Do a slow peel as you test it. If a stone or two pops up, adjust the pressure and re-press. This is why It is better to start with LESS pressure. You can always add more pressure. However, you cannot undo too much pressure.
    • Last tip, before you APPLY the sticker. Warm it up a little. This will help make the glue and hard surface material more pliable. If it is cold, and cold in the room you are working in... the glue will be very brittle.

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