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Allied Gridlock Hoop for Avance 5.5" x 6" | PAGL-1415-AVC-360
Brand: Allied    Part #: PAGL-1415-AVC-360
Allied Gridlock Hoop for Avance 5.5" x 6"
    Brand: Allied     Part #: PAGL-1415-AVC-360

    Allied Gridlock Hoop for Avance 5.5" x 6"

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    For Avance 1501C - Single Head Only
    Premium Allied Grid-Lock 14 x 15 cm (5.5 x 6 inch) Avance Embroidery Hoop
    Approx. Inside Dimensions (Y by X): 14 x 15 cm (5.5 x 6 inch)
    Hoop Thickness: Double Height
    Sew Field / Arm Spacing: Fits 360 mm (appr. 14 inch) Distance between Hoop Holding Arms
    Manufacturer Part #: PAGL-1415-AVC-360
    NOTE: Premium Allied Grid-Lock hoops can be used with compatible HoopMaster hooping fixtures

    Perfect for left-chest embroidery, smaller jacket backs, tote bags, etc. Rectangular equivalent to a 15 cm (5.9 inch) round hoop while providing additional corner embroidery area.

    Special features of Premium Allied Grid-Lock hoops which make them truly superior to other hoops:
    • Patented built-in horizontal and vertical grid lines enable quick and properly aligned hooping, every time!
    • Straight-edge “lips” with alignment marks along all four inside hoop walls help you hoop square with the garment
    • Save time & money by using the built-in alignment lines to help eliminate costly garment rejections due to crooked embroidery!
    • Extra-long 79 mm (3-1/8 inch) bolt-style hoop adjusting screw is much easier to use and provides wider hoop opening for thicker garments
    • T and L markings on the tab of the hoop to show rotation direction of hoop adjusting screw for Tightening and Loosening

    Premium Allied Grid-Lock hoops compared side-by-side against any other brand’s hoops will out-feature, out-perform and out-value, every time!

    Unique Features of Premium Allied Grid-Lock Hoops that enable Aligned Hooping, Saving You Time & Money:

    By using the patented built-in alignment grid lines & other features of Allied Grid-Lock hoops, you too can prevent garment rejections due to mis-aligned embroidery, as thousands of embroiderers have! You would realize real cost savings, significantly more than a potential small difference in the initial price of Allied hoops compared to other less-featured and lesser quality hoops! Start benefitting by using ‘Best Value’ Allied Grid-Lock hoops!

    Please check out all sizes of round & square/rectangular Premium Allied Grid-Lock hoops to find optimum sizes for your specific embroidery applications! This will help reduce wastage of excess backing paper which will save you money and also achieve sharper looking embroidery!

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