Graphtec CE6000-60 PLUS 24" & Stand
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Part #: CE6000-60-PLUS
Graphtec CE6000-60 PLUS 24" & Stand
    Graphtec CE6000-60 PLUS 24
    Part #: CE6000-60-PLUS

    Graphtec CE6000-60 PLUS 24" & Stand

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    The CE6000-60 is one of Graphtec’s professional class of cutter/plotters, and updates the extremely successful CE5000 series with improved features. The CE6000 series is also cleaner, “greener” with an electronic design and manufacturing process that minimizes the environmental impact of the hardware equipment throughout its entire life cycle. 

    CE6000 Cutting Applications Include (but not limited to)

    The CE6000-60 comes standard with: 
    • Floor stand
    • Rear media roll rack with media brake
    • Graphtec Pro Studio software
    • Graphtec's Cutting Master Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator® and CorelDraw® 

    Professional, reliable servo motors are made for production and accuracy!

    Cutting heat transfer vinyl media and rhinestone design template graphics is a breeze.

    On the job, the CE6000 series offers real cost/performance advantages over other brands of cutting plotters: rear media roller brake, faster cutting speeds and higher cutting force, you’ll have the flexibility to handle a wider range of material. The USB 2.0 full speed data interface or RS232C Serial Port ensures a reliable connection to the computer, either on a Mac or Windows PC.

    - Maximum cutting area: 23.7 inches x 164 feet
    - Compatible media widths: 2 inches to 28 inches
    - Maximum media thickness: 10 mil (0.25mm)
    - Dimensions: 35.4 in x 23.3 in x 41.2 in (includes stand)
    - Weight: 66 lbs
    - Languages: 10 included languages
    - Command modes: GP-GL & HP-GL
    - Warranty: 2 Year Warranty through Graphtec America: 800-854-8385

    The built-in front control panel provides complete parameter control including eight preset cutting conditions, as well as advanced features like tangential control mode, down force offset, pen up speed, blade wear monitoring and more. With a 25 pin RS-232C or the Full Speed USB 2.0 control interface, the CE6000 is compatible with legacy computer systems as well as the latest PCs available now and for several years to come.

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    MAX FORCE OF 4.41 N (450 GF) SPEED OF 1000 MM/S

    With maximum force of the 4.41 N (450 gf) and a maximum speed of 1000 mm/s, it enable to cut various media with high productivity.


    Its media stocker ensures a more stable media feed as up to 16.40 ft long.  The long size of cutting object is able to cut accurate and stable using the automatic paneling function.

    Other great features include:


    Setting can be easily configured using the large LCD (3.7-inches, 240x128 dots) and tactile control panel.  It is also icon driven and supports 10 languages.


    The design of the media feed system ensures that loaded media is acclimated to the ambient temperature and humidity before plotting or cutting.  The user-selectable media pre-feed function sets two outer tracks, enhancing media handling.  Together, these two media feed elements ensure reliable cutting and plotting quality within the desired operating environment


    It enable to support wide range of media including self-adhesive vinyl film for signs,     self-adhesive printable film/paper media for labels/stickers, and thick paper for POP as the table advertising.

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